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Bridesmaid honours - who pays for what?

Your best friend has asked you to be bridesmaid at her wedding. Yah! Exciting!

So much to organise & help her plan. Then the expenses kick in...the dress, hair appointments, lash appointments, the makeup, jewellery, shoes, tan, undergarments & so it goes on. Don't forget there will be a hens party & kitchen tea to organise! So who pays for what? Different brides have different budgets & ideas on this. In the last 10 years I've probably had 5% of brides pay for everything. A large percentage tend to split the cost & a small percentage expect you to pay for absolutely everything. Establish who's paying for what before you fully commit to the role and make sure you can have a honest & open discussion about costs with the bride to be. Most of my past brides have made a contribution to the bridesmaid dresses.

Usually they pay a $100 deposit, then you pay the remaining balance which is around $350.

Being a bridesmaid can be the most fun ever & it's a privilege to be involved so make sure you're not worried about the costs so you can relax & enjoy it!!

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